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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Message From The President: .

All too soon, 2018 has come to an end. The year has been fruitful with some modest achievements as outlined below n this newsletter It is our earnest desire that 2019 will be much better. As such, I urge us all to show a greater commitment to the Ghana Science Association. Together we can achieve so much  On behalf of the National Executive Committee, The Accra Branch Executives and the National Secretariat, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. 

Michael Osae (PhD)
GSA Accra Branch President

World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2018
With support from many orhanisations, we organised events marking the WAAW2018. This included two public lectures, a social media chat via Twitter, two media appearances on TV and Radio and lastly a street campaign. Special thanks to our member Joseph Alolatse and his team for spear heading this activity. 
16th Biennial Workshop
The 16th Biennial Workshop in Kumasi was under the theme  “Combating pests through climate smart agriculture”. The presentations were stimulating and the opportunity to  network with GSA members from across the country was not one to be missed.   
Meetings At The Ministry
This year has been a great opportunity to have our voices as scientists heard. Earlier on in the year, we paid a visit to the Ministry of education to engage with the Deputy Minister Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwun. 
The Horizon on StarrFM
We continue to run The Horizon on StarrFM, every Wednesday at 9am with a focus on conversations around science. The opportunity to be on the show is open to all, so if you have an idea and will like to be on the platform, just send an email (gsa.accrabranch@gmail.com) or message on 0561327783.  
A Day In Your Life
Outside of being a doctor, nurse or engineer, many of our students remain ignorant of the myriad of careers available within the sciences.  

In partnership with GhScientific, we want to share what the day in your working life looks like, to help students make informed decisions related to their future careers. Fill the form here

Career Video Series
Text is great but video is better. With that in mind we set out to produce a series of videos showcasing the work our members are engaged in.  

We have 6 videos in production and looking for an additional 4. So if you love what you do and what to appear in our video series, do send us an email (gsa.accrabranch@gmail.com) or contact 0561327783

What To Expect In 2019
Quarterly Newsletters: We want to share your achievements and news with the rest of the Association, so we will be resuming our quarterly newsletters. If you have a story to share or something to contribute, please feel free to let us know.  

Institutional Representatives: If you are an institutional rep, be ready for a busy year as the Branch looks to build on collaboration and networking to promote activities for 2019 and execute the vision of the GSA.  

Education Campaign:: As science professionals, we have a responsibility to strengthen education within our space. For this reason, we will be embarking on a number of educational campaigns and tours to support both teachers and students of the sciences.  

Workshops: Thank you to all members who gave us useful feedback and answered to calls. In response to this, we will be organising a series of capacity building workshops.  

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