Upcoming Meeting of the GSA Accra Branch

The Accra Branch of the Ghana Science Association will be meeting to discuss an exciting line up of activities for the upcoming 2018-2019 academic year and this is your opportunity to get involved. Come let’s discuss creating a video series to celebrate our various professions, a workshop for science teachers and many more.

We encourage all institutional reps to inform and bring along GSA members from your institution to this branch wide meeting. 

DateWednesday 30th July 2018
Venue: Noguchi Conference Hall

Five Reasons you should attend the Branch meeting

1. Take part in a trans-generational conversation 

2. Sign up to feature in the GSA documentary 

3. Register to attend the national workshop in Kumasi 

4. Have your say about regional matters and our calendar of events 

5. Network with branch members from other institutions

We look forward to welcoming you tomorrow

Expect to see many familiar faces and we will be specially inviting selected bastions from the history of the Ghana Science Association who many of us may have studied under at one point in time or the other. Stay tuned for more details.  

Let’s help make the Ghana Science Association great again!

Kind regards
GSA Accra Branch Secretariat


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